The Scene Theater was added to the program of the 168T Townhouse. In order to create room for a theater space without reducing the residential space, it was necessary to go underground beyond the existing foundation, requiring extensive excavation and underpinning. This work required careful study of geo-technical conditions, city transportation tunnels and existing structural situations of both the project and neighboring sites.

The theater was developed as an experimental, non-profit theater meant to foster and add to the cultural activity of the local neighborhood through an engagement with grassroots performance groups and with the world wide neighborhood through the online publication of its performances. The design of the space sought to reflect this local/global intent by weaving together digital and performance space in a marriage of technology and live acts.

The theater object itself is an integral part of the performance: the space is a mutable element. Each milled-foam cell on the walls is programmed with individual laser-cut felt infill, high frequency speakers, and individual LED fixtures to allow complete transformation of the space through light and sound. These technologies not only light the stage and deliver sound but also provide a programmable and changeable theater space that performs as a choreographed proscenium.