The San Jose Repertory theater negotiates between the commerce of the Central Business District to the west and the private and residential areas and San Jose State campus to the east. This pivot is expressed as the ‘magic box’ theater that rotates above the first floor theater base, at once out-of-public space yet still visible to the community. Theatergoers experience this twist in a compressed, vertical lobby between the public promenade and the circular geometry of theater seating. The space is open, without columns between the balcony and orchestra and has no seat farther than 58 feet from the stage. This intimacy is further supported by a flexible proscenium of catwalks and scaffolding to respond to the energy and engagement of the shared performance between performers and audiences.

The relationship between the lobby, stage and theater spaces mirrors the energy and anticipation of pre, inter and post performances. The mechanical spaces, interior and exterior rehearsal spaces, and the fly-tower celebrate the mechanics that serve the performance. The necessary synthetic construct of building is countered with a pragmatic folded metal skin painted blue to mimic the daylight sky and to recede at night with a mimicry of deep blue shadows.

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