BURST*b.o.p. was commissioned by Postmasters Gallery as a permanent installation near the High Line. The birdhouse uses the BURST* method of construction to turn a 1500 sf house into a birdhouse for the North American Kestrals, birds of prey. Where a larger BURST* house sits on over 45 columns, BURST*b.o.p. is supported on a single point column achieved by lofting the undercroft ribs onto the pole and creating a pedestal out of the ribs that supports the kestrel house. Each habitat is made of 30 18” x 24” x 3/16” thick resin-bonded marine grade plywood sheets. Each sheet is laser etched and cut into pieces that assemble into a tension system of 28 interwoven ribs and 250 surface pieces. The resulting geometry is multi-faceted and the form responsive to the relationship between the site, the elevated pole and the nesting program of the kestrel. Birds move within, through, over and under the folded skin, ambiguously occupying inside/house and outside/air.