BURST*003 with Jeremy Edmiston as System Architects

BURST*003 was the first full-scale house built from the BURST* prefabricated method of building. The house sits on a narrow lot of 7,800 sq ft, three hours north of Sydney and five minutes from the ocean. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, covered parking for two cars, an informal public space for living/dining/kitchen/play area, grass fields for cricket and bocce ball, and a clay half-court for basketball.

The climate in North Haven is temporal coastal and the house strategically uses this climate to passively control the temperature in the house year-round. There are no artificial heating or cooling systems. In the summer, the high and strong northern sun is blocked by the angles of the roof overhangs and the window slits. Cooling breezes from the water arrive from the northeast and are re-circulated through the configuration of vents, windows, and slits in the house. In the winter, the low angle of the sun streams inside and serves to warm the house.

Photos by Floto+Warner