The 1706 Townhouse was the renovation of a building from a single-family to a two-family townhouse. The new townhouse is composed of an owner’s duplex unit and a duplex rental apartment. Both units have private entrances and outdoor space. The project was a real hands-on collaboration between owner, architect and contractor and generated the generous, rough-hewn spaces that reflect the lifestyle and desires of the owners.

The original building was over 100 years old and constructed almost entirely of wood; assuring stability and fire safety were crucial components of the renovation. The project required substantial structural interventions: rebuilding both façades, leveling all floors from as much as a 21” slope, rebuilding the party walls with fire-rated steel, and providing new stairs with access to the roof. Other additions included a rear-yard studio building and a new roof deck with Manhattan views. Despite major structural alterations, this project was built for less than $125/sf.