The Soho Townhouse project converted and expanded a 3-story, multi-family residence into a 5-story, single-family home. The new design provides ample room for entertaining, family life, exercise, and work. The new basement level holds a commercial space, a grandfathered condition from the original building.

The design aims to create a push-and-pull between the public space of the street and the private space of the home using the fa├žade as a surface that negotiates the elements of domesticity and street, public and private, and structure and ornament through the use of terraces and setbacks. The resulting interior benefits from a great deal of natural light and private outdoor space overlooking the SoHo block.

The owner of the property is ultimately pragmatic and thus interested in maximizing occupiable space and in taking advantage of available tax exemptions. In order to utilize the maximum site FAR, we expanded the building footprint and created a variety of open spaces including balconies, terraces and a green roof. The last condition makes use of tax exemptions, minimizes the carbon footprint and expands oxygen production.