GA provides architectural services that clarify and balance between technology, site specificities, budgets and social conditions. Twenty- plus years of practice sustain innovation stemming from our ability to provide an increasingly accurate measure of all aspects of a project. This intimacy combines the attention and agility of a boutique firm with technological facility and capabilities of large-scale data sets. GA concentrates on work that is creatively pragmatic. We pride ourselves on an ability to engage project constraints to provide beauty, authenticity and the right fit - the laugh of seeing something for the first time.

GAuthier Architect, P.C.
115 Willow Street, Suite 4B
Brooklyn, NY 11201
t. 212-673-2600


  • Design Director and Founder, GAuthier Architects, New York.
  • Project Architect and Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture and Real Estate Development, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation;
  • Architectural Licenses New York State #024334 New Jersey State #19368
  • Founding Partner, System Architects, New York. 1998-2007;
  • Frank Barkow & Regine Leibinger. Kindergarten & Youth Center, Berlin. 1998;
  • Bernard Tschumi Architects. Le Fresnoy: Film School, Tourcoing, France, 1993;
  • Holt Hinshaw Jones: Architecture. The San Jose Repertory Theater, 1988-1994


  • Fulbright Fellowship, The Slovak Republic;
  • Columbia University GSAPP. M.S. Advanced Architectural Design, 1992;
  • University of Notre Dame. B.Arch and Art History, 1986


    AIA; The Architectural League of New York; Van Alen Institute; SEANY; Benefactor with Grand Projects; Editorial Board, GSAPP Real Estate Review; StoreFront for Architecture; and serves as a juror for GSAPP ARPA program, New York State Council on the Arts Grant, and the apexart Franchise Grants


  • Architecture Magazine, Visionary Architecture Citation;
  • Architectural Record Magazine, Design Vanguard feature;
  • Bank of America Award, SECCA Home House Project Competition Winner;
  • Berlin Kammer Architekturpries Award;
  • Chausseestraße, Berlin Urban Housing Competition Winner;
  • Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling, MoMA Exhibition;
  • First Prize/Double Award, Berlin Kindertagesstätte Competition.
  • Graham Foundation Grant;
  • MacDowell Colony Fellow;
  • New Housing New York Competition Winner, Universal Housing Proposal;
  • The New York Architectural League. Young Architects Award;
  • New York State Council on the Arts Grant, currently on Award Committee;
  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects 2008 Wilkinson Award;
  • Socrates Sculpture Park, The New York Architectural League, Folly Selection;
  • Time Magazine, Forging the Future, an Innovator in Housing


  • GA concentrates on work that is creatively pragmatic. We pride ourselves on an ability to engage project constraints to provide beauty, authenticity and the right fit - the laugh of seeing something for the first time.
  • Douglas, his wife and four-year old daughter live in Greenwich Village


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