This duplex apartment, which overlooks Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is in a 1926 building. The owners, who are historians and art collectors, wish to recreate the spirit of that time while adding prior- and post- historical elements as comments on the process of history and collecting. The apartment will be entirely gutted and rebuilt with historic details including artisanal plasterwork and reclaimed furniture, cabinetry, floors, fixtures, and stained glass panels.

One of the main features of the apartment is an enlarged, double-height space surrounding a sculptural staircase that includes individually artist-commissioned elements. This staircase will underscore the separation between the loft-like, public first floor and the individuated, private rooms of the second floor. The first floor will center on a chef-quality kitchen, designed in collaboration with one of the owners who is a former bakery owner. The apartment will house pieces from an important collection of Soviet propaganda art and will be outfitted with a state-of-the-art lighting and humidity controls to accommodate the collection.